Useful languages websites

  • Digital Dialects
    Fab games in an abundance of languages!
  • Think German
    Learning German just makes sense!
  • Mein Deutschbuch
    A German website aimed at learners of German, with tests and comprehensive grammar sections.
  • World wide Christmas
    Christmas songs and world wide Christmas tree contest
  • Try life in another language
    Part of channel 4s campaign to promote languages. Very cool website with lots of information catering for a huge range of interests.
  • WordReference
    A dictionary which provides a range of languages as well as sound files and grammar. Highly recommended!
  • Letter writing in German
    It does what it says on the tin!
  • UK German Connection
    Meet real German people and find out lots of interesting stuff about Germany.
  • VERBcast
    French grammar on your iPod. It's actually better than it sounds. Honestly!
  • Atantot
    Fun website for key stages 2 to 4. You need to log in to use it, ask your langauges teacher for details.
  • Leo
    Quick and easy German-English dictionary!
  • YJC
    A languages websites that offers everything: games, blog, resources...
  • S Cool
    Brilliant revision website for GCSE and A-Level. Very interactive and a lot of fun.
  • Logo
    German news website for children.
  • ZUT! GUT! OYE!
    Great for topic revision. Please note, it's subscription only from 9-4 on weekdays, so this is one for doing at home after school.
  • Languages Online
    Great for revising topics at home.
  • Languages Work
    We know and love Languages Work thanks to the posters around our department. Find out why learning a language always makes sense.
  • [email protected]
    Channel 4's cool language learning website.
  • BBC Languages
    Mainly aimed at adults, but great for TV programmes.
  • BBC Bitesize GCSE revision
    A classic. Revision with the BBC.
  • Alien Language
    The aliens are on a mission to collect creatures from around the galaxy. Blast off and learn the parts of the body with them.
  • Hennings Haus
    How good is your German? Go to Hennings Haus to play some great games which will help improve your knowledge of German.
  • Chez Mimi
    How good is your French? Join the residents of Chez Mimi who have some great games for you to play to improve your knowledge of French.
  • Glogster
    Bored of making your posters with coloured pencils, scissors and glue sticks? Make a glog instead! Please note, this website still does not work properly when logged-in in school, but we're working on it!
  • Go animate
    Anyone can animate!
  • Voki
    Funny website which lets you make your own talking person (or pet!). Type in your text, then choose from different languages and voices.
  • Toondoo
    Very cool website that allows you to make cartoons in different languages.
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